Meet our Carousel Horse!



Pauline’s Photography, beautiful carousel horse
Carousel Horse 

Many years ago I saw a gorgeous photograph of a child taken on a carousel horse at the beach.  It was beautifully photographed with the waves rolling up onto the beach and the child wearing a pastel, flowing dress.  Needless to say I dreamt of having a horse of my own.

Several months ago I found this horse at the Brass Armadillo Antique Mall in Goodyear, Arizona.  I was hesitant to buy it, but finally decided to purchase it over the weekend.  Actually, my mom said it’s an early Christmas present!  I’m looking forward to creating many beautiful photographs with the horse.

The current whimsical jewel tone colors are beautiful, but might not work for some family’s clothing choices.    So, I am planning to paint the horse white with a light brown mane and tail so that it can be used with any dreamy color scheme.  The saddle and bridle might possibly be painted in pastel colors.  I can envision a Christmas session with a white horse trimmed in red, silver and some crystals.  The current horse looks good with a few of the dresses we have available for children to choose from for their sessions.  Those same dresses will look wonderful with a white horse as well, and keep the focus of the image on the child.


Keep watching the blog for updates about the horse’s transformation!

2 thoughts on “Meet our Carousel Horse!

  • That’s adorable. I’ve noticed you haven’t posted recently. Can your followers expect something soon?

    Keep up the great work!!


    • Thank you for the visiting my blog! I started substitute teaching in October and was offered a full position taking over for a first grade teacher who passed away. As soon as the school year is finished I will be able to focus on my photography again. I especially want to do some newborn photography, but I believe we need to get past the virus before doing that.


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