Meet our Carousel Horse!



Pauline’s Photography, beautiful carousel horse
Carousel Horse 

Many years ago I saw a gorgeous photograph of a child taken on a carousel horse at the beach.  It was beautifully photographed with the waves rolling up onto the beach and the child wearing a pastel, flowing dress.  Needless to say I dreamt of having a horse of my own.

Several months ago I found this horse at the Brass Armadillo Antique Mall in Goodyear, Arizona.  I was hesitant to buy it, but finally decided to purchase it over the weekend.  Actually, my mom said it’s an early Christmas present!  I’m looking forward to creating many beautiful photographs with the horse.

The current whimsical jewel tone colors are beautiful, but might not work for some family’s clothing choices.    So, I am planning to paint the horse white with a light brown mane and tail so that it can be used with any dreamy color scheme.  The saddle and bridle might possibly be painted in pastel colors.  I can envision a Christmas session with a white horse trimmed in red, silver and some crystals.  The current horse looks good with a few of the dresses we have available for children to choose from for their sessions.  Those same dresses will look wonderful with a white horse as well, and keep the focus of the image on the child.


Keep watching the blog for updates about the horse’s transformation!

Lighting Workshops

I love attending workshops and advocate continuing education in any field of one’s interest.  When I directed preschool programs, continuing education was important for me and for my staff in order to provide the best care possible for children.  I also believe continuing education is important for photographers as well.  There is always something new and exciting to learn especially with  ever-changing technology.

This past weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to attend two workshops led by Ashley Blake, an Arizona photographer, held at Tempe Camera.  The focus of both workshops was strobe lighting, and participants were able to try out Sigma lenses.  The morning workshop covered strobes while photographing outdoors.  I tried out the 135mm f/1.8 lens and was very impressed with it.  However, since I already own a 70-200, I wasn’t inclined to buy it, but would highly recommend it.  On the other hand, I am considering buying the Profoto B10 strobe kit.  Well, I need to save up for it first!

Pauline’s Photography, outdoor lighting
Outdoor Lighting with Sigma 135mm f/1.8

Photographing children in the studio using both strobes and continuous lighting was covered in the afternoon workshop.  Ashley provided some great information for working with children; promoting sessions that are fun for them and at the same time are successful for the photographer.  The 6 year old girl and 8 year old boy both did an awesome job modeling, and I’m very pleased with the images I was able to obtain.

The staff at Tempe Camera has been wonderful every time I have visited, and Guy was especially helpful a few weeks ago when I was looking for photographic paper.  While in the store he also showed me some settings in my printer I wasn’t aware of that were very helpful.  And, he told me about upcoming workshops including Ashley’s.  At the workshop he took the time to answer questions and help people with their cameras and settings.

Networking and meeting other photographers is another great reason to participate in continuing education.  I enjoyed getting to know some other attendees and finally meet Lisa, who I met online about 6 months ago!  Hopefully we’ll go out on some hikes and not wait another 6 months to meet up.  In the vein of promoting continuing education, I highly recommend the photography camps for women organized by the Firefly Institute.  I know there are still some openings available for this year’s camp being held in October.

And lastly, I just started this website in the past week, so am still working on creating content and getting my work uploaded.  More of my work can be seen at Beach House Adventures.


Children’s Fall Photo Sessions

It’s time for fall photo sessions!  I’ve been busy creating a fun fall theme for the kiddos that will also lend itself to getting some beautiful portraits.  We begin the session photographing children in front of a white wall with simple props that will be suitable for creating classic wall art to hang in your home.

After getting the classic images, children will be invited to play in the red wagon and the John Deere tractor. While shopping for John Deere toys to enhance the fall theme I found the large tractor at Target.  What child can resist a ride on a tractor?  And, thanks to my mother, we now own it!  We will load the wagon and trailer with pumpkins and siblings to create memorable photos.  The kids will look adorable in their overalls and plaid shirts!

Photos can be beautifully edited as is, or families may choose from several backgrounds that are perfect for the classic images and the wagon or tractor.  All of the images will have ground cover with fall leaves.

The children’s photo studio is set up for kids to have a fun experience.  Toys appropriate to the theme are available to play with while listening to music that makes children feel comfortable.

More of my work with children can be seen on the photography page and the fall page.  Fall sessions may be scheduled in September through early October.  Families can contact me for more information and to schedule a photo session at 971-506-8911.


Children’s Photo Studio

Last week the garage was converted into a photo studio.  I’ve always wanted to do this but couldn’t in my Portland home since the gym was used for the preschool.  Having to share space with the preschool meant needing to set up and take down equipment for each photo session.  We cleaned out the garage, hung some curtains to hide the storage area, and painted the wall white. There are still some things to do, but at least the space is now usable.  I love that we can hang items from the ceiling.  We couldn’t do that in the preschool gym since the ceilings were too high.

After converting the garage, we decided to do an autumn portrait session with Tessa.  We gathered a few fall items and had some fun with our new set-up!

I recently completed Sandra Coan’s strobes class and would like to try out the skills with some child models.  More info about my work with children can be found here.